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Conference for European Imams and Religious Advisers – Vienna

14th – 15th May 2010


Organizer: Islamic Religious Authority in Austria

The Islamic Community in Austria is organizing the “3rd Conference of European Imams and Islamic Religious Leaders” in Vienna, on April 14th-15th. The conference will be co-hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the City of Vienna and the European Islamic Conference. The conference will be a follow-up to a similar conference held four years ago in Vienna.

The participants in this third Conference of European Imams come from all over Europe. We invited about ca. 120 participants from ca. 40 European Countries and a few hundred guests (politicians, religious representatives, diplomats, representatives of civil society) for the opening ceremony (14th May 2010; Hotel Marriott)

Prominent guests for the Opening Ceremony are e.g.:

- Dr. Heinz Fischer - The Federal President of the Republic of Austria (Video)
- Dr. Michael Spindelegger - Foreign Minister of the Republic of Austria
- Dr. Michael Häupl - Mayor & Governour of the City of Vienna

The aims of the conference are:

- The theological statement of the "middle path" as a crucial part of the scientific Islamic thought.
- Abolishing violence within families, society and the international community.
- Promoting women's role as an influential part of the European muslim communities and preparing and qualifying them for this task.
- Clarifying the Muslim positions towards current and future European issues.
- Defining, organising and building relations between European Muslims and their fellow citizens by promoting dialogue and peaceful social interaction.